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The Jackson Lab

Studying The Molecular and Cell Biology of Picornaviruses


Our focus is to understand how viruses do such an excellent job of invading our cells and turning them into virus production factories.

Our lab studies poliovirus, coxsackievirus, enterovirus D68, enterovirus 71, and rhinovirus, the common cold virus.


About our work

The Jackson Lab is primarily interested in understanding the biology of these simplest human viruses, all members of the family picornaviridae. While they are simple and tiny - even for viruses - they cause an astounding amount and variety of human disease. Picornaviruses (the "pico" is for tiny and the "rna" refers to the genetic material) can cause hepatitis, foot-and-mouth disease, poliomyelitis, and the common cold, to name a few diseases.


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Recent Publications

SIRT-1 is required for release of enveloped picornaviruses

Starvation after infection restricts enterovirus D68 replication

SNAP23 is essential for germination of EV-D68 replication organelles



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Faculty Profile

Mail: HSF-I Room 385

685 W Baltimore St

Baltimore, MD 21201

Lab Phone: 410-706-4906

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